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Enjoy the newest merchandise featuring the artwork of Mark Ben Harris' newest collection of painted portraits called "Gone 2 Soon." Each portrait is hand-painted acrylic on canvas and are sold as prints, apparel, and fun accessories!


“Gone 2 Soon” features painted portraits featuring significant people who passed away suddenly before their time. The portrayal of these icons is due to the sudden passing of my older sister Rachel at the age of 35. Rachel dealt with Crohn's Colitis from the age of 8 until her passing. The disease was too much to handle as she ended up having several surgeries to alleviate the destructive nature of the disease. By age 22 she was left with a permanent colostomy bag. I’ve lived with Crohn’s Colitis and while my condition is much less severe, I’ve learned to persevere and deal with the pain using art as a way to transform the sadness, pain and negativity into something beautiful that I can share with others. “Gone Too Soon,” is dedicated to my sister and to all those who have experienced loss as a way for people to connect to their own inspirational figures in their life who passed away too soon.